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A Vital Economic Engine

Ichetucknee Partnership

The six mile Ichetucknee River contributes close to 233 million gallons of spring water per day to the Santa Fe River. With Ichetucknee Springs State Park attracting more than 200,000 visitors a year and contributing an estimated $22 million to the local economy annually, the springs are an important economic asset to the area.

A Place Where Memories are Made

Ichetucknee Partnership

Ichetucknee Springs, a collection of eight major springs creating the Ichetucknee River, has been a magnet for people and wildlife for more than 10,000 years. Native Timucuans populated the area before the arrival of the Europeans. Hernando DeSoto, one of the first Europeans to explore Florida, is thought to have visited the springs in 1539….

A Home for Rare Critters

Ichetucknee River

The Ichetucknee River area is home to a wide array of wonderful wildlife. The pristine waters and shoreline are home to a magnificent and complex ecosystem of animals and plant life. There are very few places in Florida that can match the flora, fauna and overall beauty of Ichetucknee Springs. Sometimes seen in the area…

Children are the Future

Ichetucknee River

Bellamy Beaver, TIP mascot, makes his way into all of the local elementary schools with a message of water conservation. The message for the children is a simple one, “turn off the tap!” This message is presented in a fun way that captures the attention of the youngsters and encourages them to actively take part…